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R. S. Bisht


R. S. Bisht

Guest Professor, Archaeological Sciences
Joint Director General (Retd.), Archaeological Survey of India & Padma Shri Awardee, 2013

  • MA: Lucknow University, 1965
  • PGDA: Prehistory, Protohistory
  • PhD: Kumaun University

Email: rsbishtarch@gmail.com -AT- iitgn.ac.in

  • Selected Publications

    1. Transformation of the Harappa Culture in Punjab with Special Reference to the excavations at Sanghol and Chandigarh in Archaeological Congress and Seminar: 1972, (ed.) Shri UV. Singh, Shri B.N. Chakraborti University, Kurukshetra 1976.

    2. Banawali: A New Harappan Site in Haryana, in Man and Environment, vol. II, 1978.

    3. Banawali and some other Recently Excavated Harappan Site in India (Jointly with SahshiAsthana) South Asian Archaeology: 1977, (ed.) Shri M. Taddei, Neples (Italy), 1979.

    4. SEM study of Ancient Wood remains from Kashmir (Jointly with Shri G. M. Buth). Current Science, vol. 50, No. 16, August 20, 1981.

    5. Investigation of Palaeontobotanical Remains from Semthan, Kashmir (Jointly with Shri G.M. Buth & Shri G.S. Gaur), Man and Environment, vol. VI, 1982.

  • Work Experience

    • Jt. Director General, ASI, Archaeological Survey of India, (Apr 2003 to Jan 2004)