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Innovation is such a key part of our DNA that it feeds into our postgraduate programs as well. Our 2-year M.Tech program is unconventional, and is designed to give students significant research experience along with fairly broad coursework.

Students have a lot of flexibility in designing their academic path and can carry out their research outside their immediate discipline or even in industry, all while developing an insight and perspective that is geared towards pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

  • Flexibility

    MTech students have nearly full freedom to choose a course plan that suits their needs and projects best. Such a freedom in course selection and an opportunity to work on a problem independent of discipline affiliations is unparalleled in most engineering institutions worldwide.

    The MTech specialization is thus achieved through transforming an idea into information and innovation both at the same time in the crash span of 2 years. The course work, the choice of faculty mentor or multiple mentors, the need of infrastructure and team to develop an idea, is all tailor-made for each one of our MTech students to ensure that they make the maximum of the precious 2 years they spend at IITGN.

  • Lifelong Relationship

    The indulgent and research-based nature of our MTech programmes ensure that teams of peers are seeded around ideas. Not just people, ideas also team up in our MTech projects transcending boundaries or disciplines. With the sole aim of touching human lives with technology, IITGN ensures that all the works and efforts of its MTech students, no matter at what stage of development, never dies with the completion 2 formal years.

    Instead, IITGN makes extraordinary efforts to ensure that budding ideas and innovations are not abandoned due to programme duration and fellowship formalities. Deserving student-driven projects can get all the needed support to continue for better outcomes. IITGN helps professional growth of the MTech innovators by providing great student-run fora for showcasing innovation ideas and efforts both on campus as well as at national and international events. MTech innovators at IITGN can earn support from the institute to materialize budding innovation into commercial manifests as well as great career development support.

  • Career Development

    The Career Development Services (CDS) empowers students to discover and pursue their dreams. It provides a platform where students and recruiters can come together to explore avenues of a fruitful and synergistic alliance. We are proud of several such associations in the past in the form of internships, industry visits and placements for which we are grateful to participating organizations both from India and abroad.

  • Focus Areas
    • Biological Engineering

      Biological Sciences [Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Chemical Biology], Bioengineering [Biomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation technologies, Tissue Engineering], Biotechnology [Nanobiotechnology, Bioinformatics, Protein and DNA Technologies, Bioremediation]

    • Chemical Engineering

      Nanotechnology, Colloids and Interfaces, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Separation Processes, Polymers, Process Control

    • Civil Engineering

      Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Water-Resources Engineering

    • Computer Science and Engineering

      Algorithms, Complexity theory, Machine learning, Data mining, Game theory, Mechanism design, Data science, Cryptography, Network security, Computer vision and graphics, and Computer architecture and systems

    • Earth System Science

      Geomorphology, Water and Environment, Near Earth Surface Processes, Remote Sensing and GIS, Earth System Modelling

    • Electrical Engineering

      Power Engineering and Control Systems, Signal Processing and Machine Learning, Microelectronics and VLSI

      For more information, please visit the discipline website.

    • Materials Engineering

      Metallurgy, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials

    • Mechanical Engineering

      Thermal Science and Engineering, Dynamics and Control, Solid Mechanics

Program Requirements

The institute currently offers MTech degrees in 10 disciplines: Biological Sciences and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Earth System Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Integrated Circuit Design and Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering and admissions are done in cycles. Besides a strong undergraduate academic performance, we also look for students who are problem-solvers, open-minded and energetic, and ready to tinker with various solutions, no matter how unconventional.

While there are many combinations of coursework and research credits that are possible within the MTech program at IITGN, students will generally spend about half their time studying courses and the remaining time doing research. More specifics are available in the MTech program advisory.

MTech Admissions