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Awards and Medals


IIT Gandhinagar is always keen to celebrate the success of its students. We have instituted several medals and awards to honor the academic achievements, excellence in leadership, sports, cultural activities and social service and exemplary human qualities. We also offer different scholarships to encourage students to excel in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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    “My journey at IITGN has truly been dreamy and exciting with its own set of challenges. The people at IITGN have always been super supportive and I owe this degree and all my awards to them. Being a part of the COVID batch was hard, but they made it easier to survive. Working at Sustainability lab has been the best decision of my life. It helped shape my career and expose me to my love for Research and Academia. I'm blessed to have found a place to express myself both professionally and personally and will always hold this place close to my heart.”

    S Ankita Kumari Jain
    President Gold Medal, MTech 2023 Batch
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    “Upon my arrival at IIT Gandhinagar, getting good grades was a distant thought, let alone winning the President's Gold medal. Apriory, I had a very rudimentary knowledge of mathematics. However, the excellent courses and professors fostered a deep passion for mathematics, which led to this achievement as a byproduct. I hope this honor will inspire me to further enhance my strengths and address my weaknesses.”

    Kaushik Khamari
    President Gold Medal, MSc 2023 Batch
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    “My four years of journey with IIT Gandhinagar has been full of cherished memories. The institution's commitment to holistic personality advancement is evident through its student-centric directives. I extend my profound gratitude to the esteemed faculty members, who transcended conventional classroom instruction to impart wisdom spanning diverse domains. Accepting this accolade is a privilege, and I aspire to carry forward the knowledge gained here in my forthcoming endeavours.”

    Shrreya Singh
    President Gold Medal, BTech 2023 Batch
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    “The time I have spent as a student and researcher-in-training at IITGN has been life-changing, to say the least. I had the opportunity to collaborate with peers and professors with incredibly varied expertise. It was not always easy to engage with ideas and perspectives that were not always in line with my own. However, my time at IITGN has taught me that there is a lot to learn from a room full of people who do not agree with each other. I have had the opportunity to grow as a researcher here, with my ideas and questions being respected and nurtured. I am very grateful to the institute and the entire Humanities and Social Sciences community at IITGN for giving me strength and confidence in this challenging academic journey. I owe them a special debt of gratitude for this award that I have received.”

    Krishnan Shruti
    President Gold Medal, MA 2021 Batch
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    “It was unfortunate that my residential life at IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN) was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-21 at which point I, like most of my peers, had to resort to online learning. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have had an extremely enriching experience at the Institute and have very fond memories of the campus, my classes, classmates and professors from my time there. I am extremely humbled to have received the President’s Gold Medal upon my graduation from the M.A. Society and Culture program. The M.A. program at IITGN is incredibly interdisciplinary and allowed me to explore a wide range of subjects-a flexibility that most other Humanities and Social Science programs in India perhaps don’t accord its students. While classroom lecture and discussions were very engaging no doubt, I am also extremely grateful for all the learning that occurred outside the classroom as well, vis-à-vis projects and fieldwork, that I think will go a long way in preparing me for research within academia. I hope that going forward and throughout the rest of my academic career, I am able to make my professors, peers and IITGN proud.”

    Joita Das
    President Gold Medal, MA 2021 Batch
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    “My journey at IITGN was absolutely mesmerizing and the nostalgia will always hit me hard. The experience gained here paved my way from utter confusion to clarity on my career path. Contribution of this institute in the development of my personality and knowledge is evident from my achievements. I was blessed to have an optimistic working environment with the Professors who were always just a call away! To conclude, everything was perfect and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

    Ananya Sharma
    President Gold Medal, MTech 2021 Batch
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    “These years have been the most crucial for me personally and academically alike; the phenomenal experiences have been instrumental in shaping my holistic growth and development. I am grateful for all the interactions I have had with some brilliant people, all that I have learned along the way and the memories I've made. The journey was wonderful, despite all the challenges and ups and downs, which truly helped me discover my potential. IITGN has provided me with ample opportunities and a space to learn, connect, grow and find myself, and I wouldn't change anything about this experience.”

    Samruddhi Damle
    President Gold Medal, M.Sc, 2020 Batch
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    “If I have to describe my exhilarating journey with some phenomenal personalities at the IITGN family, I would say - they aren't the ones who walk ahead of you telling how they did it, instead, they remain alongside you telling how you can do it. At the end of it, I believe the actual learning and growth are not in the destination, it lies in the journey. Because somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

    Ashish Tiwari
    President Gold Medal, M.Tech, 2020 Batch
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    “I feel very proud to be a part of IITGN community. This institute has taught me how to carry on with the ups and downs of my educational-life. Here I made true friends who will always stand by me. I want also to thank all my professors without whom I could never achieve such success. I strongly believe in the mission and vision of IITGN: to give a student the strength for carving his own path towards success and the qualities to be a good human being. These medals and awards will always remind me of my social duty and help me to grab my future success.”

    Rajes Ghosh
    President Gold Medal, MSc and MA, 2019 Batch
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    “Transformation wherein you develop ability to work longer without distress is what I gained from IITGN. Furthermore, the work-life balance is also that I managed to master during my thesis. Diving deeper into a topic enabled better conceptual learning and the best part was to focus on basic concepts which enabled cracking complex seeming problems efficiently. This was in essence my mantra behind whatever I have gained during my M.Tech.”

    Kimti Manawa
    President Gold Medal, M.Tech, 2019 Batch
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    “I am very glad to be part of IIT Gandhinagar family. IITGN encourages students who have excelled in academics, innovation, sports etc with various awards. These awards acknowledge the efforts of the students and will motivate them to strive for a better world. I feel honored to receive few of these awards and medals. They have boosted my confidence and have motivated me to strive for excellence in life.”

    Aparna Aketi
    President Gold Medal, BTech 2018 Batch
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    “Perhaps what led me to the medals was learning to not take myself too seriously and at the same time honing the skills to absolutely love myself. Former taught me to learn from others and the latter helped me see the capacity I had to learn, live and imbibe as I go. IITGN provided me with the environment that helped me both understand what I need to keep fighting and resisting and what I need to use as the tools to do so. Medals are positive reinforcements but as a woman in IIT they are also a marker of rarity: how rare it is for a woman to enter this space, how tough it is to fight the microaggressions and how easy it is to dilute our achievements and become generic. We aren't generic. Women, especially Dalit and Bahujan women in IIT need to multiply in numbers not only because there is strength in numbers, but because numbers provide strength to others when other women who see more people like them around get inspired to be in a class, in a field, on a stage and encouraged to take up space, claim their rightful space and tell us how it is done. It's time, it's their time. It's our time. We desperately need it.”

    Prerna Subramanian
    President Gold Medal, MSc and MA, 2018 Batch
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    “I feel delighted and fortunate to be a part of the IIT Gandhinagar family. From the day of entry up to the day of convocation, each day here has in essence taught me to live life. The foundation programme is a cherry on the cake. The life lessons I have learnt here and the friendships I have made, I believe, will be my lifelong treasure, guiding and supporting me through the future ups and downs. With each passing day I move a step closer to understanding the gist of the words we often heard, "IIT Gandhinagar prepares it's students not just for the first, but for the last job."”

    Radhika Patil
    President Gold Medalist, 2016 Batch
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    “ While the intensity and rigour of the undergraduate programme was a bit taxing at first, I soon realized that things can be fun if I stay optimistic and put in my best efforts in whatever I do. The company of some very motivated people for the next four years, with the freedom to do anything right, made me realize that it is possible to accomplish anything if I commit myself to the objective. Such well-rounded experience would not have been possible without the efforts of multiple very dedicated individuals. The medals and awards in curricular as well as co-curricular fields aptly recognize and promote these efforts.”

    Rishab Anand
    President Gold Medalist, 2017 Batch
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    “IITGN has since its inception strived to achieve its vision of building an institute creating not just fine engineers but great future leaders. It is no astonishment that the institute acknowledges efforts and achievements in academics, sports, contribution towards arts and culture, for leadership, social work, etc. It is really an honour to have been the recipient of few of these awards, medals and scholarships.”

    Preet Shah
    President Gold Medalist, 2015 Batch
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    “The practice of recognition of talented students through awards and honors serve as a strong motivation for all to give their best which contributes greatly to personal and community development. The awards and scholarships I received give me confidence that there is nothing I cannot excel in if I am really passionate about it.”

    Dhwanil Shukla
    President Gold Medalist, 2014 Batch
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    “With awards and scholarships for excellence in academics, innovation, leadership, sports and culture, IITGN encourages and rewards students for their all-round development and contribution to the institute. These awards acknowledge the efforts of its students who rise above academics and do something more. As a recipient of some of these awards, I feel honored and motivated to strive for excellence in life.”

    Shruti Jain
    President Gold Medalist, 2013 Batch
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    “Academic Incentives awarded based on merit is a hallmark of great institutions and IIT Gandhinagar has believed in this philosophy since its inception. I feel fortunate that my hard work has been acknowledged and feel very honored to be the recipient of some of these awards, scholarships and medals.”

    Swetava Ganguli
    President Gold Medalist, 2012 Batch
President's Gold Medals

One medal for B.Tech programme and one medal for M.Tech programme

Institute Gold and Silver medals

One gold and silver medal each for B.Tech and M.Tech programme for every discipline

Director's Gold and Silver medals

One Gold medal each for the B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. programs and one Silver medal for B.Tech programme in each discipline