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P.P. Joglekar


P.P. Joglekar

Guest Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
Former Professor, Deccan College, Pune

  • BSc: University of Pune, 1980
  • MSc: University of Pune, 1982
  • MPhil: University of Pune, 1986
  • MA: University of Pune, 2001
  • PhD: University of Pune, 1991

  • Selected Publications

    1. Joglekar, P.P. and Chaya Soman 1998. Jaivayantriki (Biomechnaics), in Marathi. Pune: Marathi Vigyan Parishad.

    2. Joglekar, P.P. 2001. Jaivtantragyan (Biotechnology). Pune: Continental Praskshan.

    3. Joglekar, P.P., V.D. Misra, J.N. Pal and M.C. Gupta 2003. Mesolithic Mahadaha: The Faunal Remains. Allahabad: University of Allahabad.

    4. Joglekar, P.P. 2005. Science and Technology in India (in Marathi), Pune: K. Sagar Publications.

    5. Ghate, N. and P.P. Joglekar 2006. Ase Ghadale Sahasarak(in Marathi). Pune: Mehta Publishing House.

    6. S.R. Walimbe, P.P. Joglekar and Kishor K. Basa (Ed.) 2007. Anthropology for Archaeology, Proceedings of the Professor Irawati Karve Birth Centenary Seminar. Pune: Deccan College.

    7. Paddayya, K., P.P. Joglekar, Kishor K. Basa and Reshma Sawant (Ed) 2009. Recent Research Trends in South Asian Archaeology. Pune: Deccan College.

    8. Misra, V.D., J.N. Pal and M.C. Gupta and P.P. Joglekar 2009. Excavations at Jhusi. New Delhi: Indian Archaeological Society.

    9. Rajaguru, Sharad, Sushama Deo, Pramod Joglekar, P. Prabhune, V. Sathe, S. Kadgaonkar and Arati Deshpande Mukherjee 2013. Medieval Sanjan: Aspects and Analysis. BAR International Series 2509. Oxford: Archaeopress.

    10. Pramod Joglekar 2013. Samagra Vigyan and Tantragyan (in Marathi). Pune: K. Sagar Publications.

    11. Pramod Joglekar 2014.
      Research Methodology for Archaeology Students.
      Pune: Gayatri Sahitya
      ISBN 978-81-910-324-7-5

    12. Pramod Joglekar and Pankaj Goyal 2015.
      Animal Husbandry and Allied Technologies in Ancient India from Prehistorical to Early Historical Times.
      New Delhi: Pentagon Press and Indus-Infinity Foundation.
      ISBN 978-81-8274-831-6

    13. P.P. Joglekar 2015
      Humans and Animals. Archaeozoological Approach
      Pune: Gayatri Sahiyta.
      ISBN 978-81-910324-9-9

  • Work Experience

    1. Guest Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (Present)

    2. Since 1986 I have been training Class X students for National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) conducted by NCERT. A total of 1178 students have been awarded this prestigious scholarship.

    3. Resource person at IndSearch (affiliated to University of Pune) to teach World History and Science and Technology for ICWA/CA entrance examination foundation course from 1985 to 1995.

    4. Resource person at Jnana Prabodhini's Competitive Examination Centre from 1986 to 2006. Teaching World History, Indian History, Civics and Science and Technology for UPSC and MPSC candidates.

    5. Resource person at the National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR) teaching research methodology an quantitative methods from 1988 to 1995.

    6. Resource person for M. Arch. (University of Pune) teaching Introduction to Archaeology from 2008.

    7. Resource person for B. Journalism. (University of Pune) teaching World History from 2007-2010.

    8. Resource person for M.A. (Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune) teaching Introduction to Archaeology, Science in Archaeology, Political History of India and Social-economic History of India from 2004 to 2011.

    9. Teaching as a permanent faculty member at Deccan College following courses from 1995 to 2020.

  • Awards

    • Professor H.D. Sankalia Young Archaeologist Award in 1993

    • Visiting Fellowship of Ford Foundation in 1990 (U.S. and Holland)

    • Post-Doctoral Fellowship of Government of Italy in 1993

    • Member of the Joint Russian-Italian-Turkmen expedition in Central Asia in 1993

    • Best Publication Award (1997) of Federation of Indian Publishers for Hirwe Januk (a book on Biotechnology in Marathi)

    • Charles Wallace Fellow at the Cambridge University in 1998

    • Visiting Professor at Allahabad University 1998- 2001

    • Shri. Ponkhe Award for best research paper in 1998

    • President of the Brihan Maharashtra Oriental Congress in 1999

    • President of the History Teachers Congress in 2000

    • Maharashtra State Literary Award in 2002 for book on biotechnology

    • Ranjit Desai Literaty Award (2004) for Timeline, a book in Marathi

    • Visiting Fellow of the CASTEI, Kolkata, 2009

    • President of the Maharashtra Itihasa Parishad at Nanded in 2013