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BTech and BTech-MTech programmes
for Students Selected to Olympiad Training Camps

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Admission Notification The application submission deadline extended to 29th May 2024.

IIT Gandhinagar invites applications for BTech and BTech-MTech programmes for the academic year 2024-25 from students selected to Olympiad training camps.

Programme Highlights

  • ✦ Unique four-week Foundation Programme for holistic development
  • ✦ Emphasis on active and project based learning inside and outside classroom
  • ✦ Liberal branch change norms
  • ✦ Award-winning curriculum with courses in engineering, sciences, humanities, design & innovation, and sports opportunities provides a wide knowledge base
  • ✦ Numerous additional learning options such as minors, honours, dual major and dual degree programmes in non-primary discipline
  • ✦ 40% of BTech students receive study abroad opportunities via internships
  • ✦ Infrastructure and support for incubation and entrepreneurship
  • ✦ Innovative programmes such as Explorer and Gram fellowships provide rich and multifaceted experience

Important Dates

  • 11th April 2024

    Application Open

    22nd May 2024
    29th May 2024 by 5:00 PM [IST]

    Application Deadline (extended)



  • ✦ The applicant should be planning to graduate class XII in 2024 or must have passed class XII in 2023
  • ✦ Please note that students selected to attend one of the following training camps in this year or in any of the past four years are eligible to apply:
    •   • Mathematics: International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camps (IMOTC) organized by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE)
    •   • Chemistry and Physics: Orientation-cum-Selection Camps (OCSCs) for Science subjects (Chemistry, Physics), organized by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE)
    •   • Informatics: International Olympiad for Informatics Training Camp (IOITC) organized by the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science (IARCS)
  • ✦ Students who have received medals in the following International Olympiads in this year or in any of the past four years are eligible to apply, irrespective of nationality:
    •   • International Mathematics Olympiad
    •   • International Physics Olympiad
    •   • International Chemistry Olympiad
    •   • International Olympiad in Informatics
  • ✦ The eligibility criteria of passing class XII (or equivalent) examination as specified by JOSAA for admission into IITs will also be applicable


  • ✦ Documents to be submitted along with Application form
    • 1. Class X Marksheet
    • 2. Class XII Marksheet
    • 3. Documents/certificates confirming your selection to training/orientation camp provided by organizing institute (HBCSE/IARCS)
    • 4. Documents/certificates confirming your participation in training/orientation camps provided by organizing institute (HBCSE/IARCS)
    • 5. Documents/certificates confirming your selection to the International Olympiad provided by organizing institute (HBCSE/IARCS)
    • 6. Certificate of awards of medals describing your performance in the International Olympiad
    • 7. Aadhaar Card (mandatory for Indian Resident)
    • 8. Passport (mandatory for Foreign National & Overseas Citizen of India)
    • 9. Latest Resume/CV
    • 10. JEE Mains Score card (if available)
    • 11. Overseas Citizen of India Card-OCI (if applicable)
  • ✦ Documents/certificates not received yet shall be mailed to 'btech.admissions@iitgn.ac.in' once they are obtained.
  • ✦ Applicants are advised to keep a copy of the application form for their reference.
  • ✦ For any further clarification regarding this portal, please feel free to write an email btech.admissions@iitgn.ac.in
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