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The two-year M.Sc. programme at IITGN strives to carve out a different niche for itself compared to the large number of M.Sc. degree offerings in India. The MSc program includes the following features that echo the core philosophies of the institute:

  • • It enables students to acquire substantial breadth and depth in their areas of study.
  • • It orients and enables student attitudes towards scientific research.
  • • It exposes students to areas beyond their core subjects.
  • • It has mandatory curriculum components originating from humanities and social sciences.

The institute offers M.Sc. degrees in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Cognitive Science. The admission to the Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics disciplines is through the Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. while admission to the Cognitive Science program is through the Institute's own written test and interview process.

Program Requirements

Each discipline that offers MSc programs defines their individual requirements. Yet, across all MSc programs, there is extensive coursework that emphasizes fundamentals, and research exposure that aims to stimulate intellectual curiosity and nurture creativity. More specific requirements are available in the MSc program advisory.

MSC Admissions