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IIT Gandhinagar is committed to a holistic approach to education in engineering disciplines and beyond; cutting-edge research addressing global challenges; and giving back.

Our achievements include:
students first policies

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  • Education

    IIT Gandhinagar offers a unique undergraduate and graduate education experience in India with unmatched innovations in curriculum. We take pride in our student-centric philosophy resulting in a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for students. The institute promotes critical thinking and an appreciation of the interdisciplinary character of knowledge, with an emphasis on the liberal arts, project oriented learning, compulsory courses in design and the life sciences, diversity and globalization.

    The five-week Foundation Programme for all new undergraduate students was recognized with the World Education Award 2013 by the World Education Summit for innovations in engineering education. Over 40% of our students undergo a study abroad experience during their academic career with us. We are committed to promoting excellence in science, technology, as well as the humanities and social sciences and to the development of rounded and nuanced minds.

  • Research

    IIT Gandhinagar encourages interdisciplinarity in its research activities. We have interdisciplinary centres where people from all disciplines work together to produce research and solve real-world problems that have a high impact on society. Our centre for biomedical engineering, for instance, is developing Automated Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Techniques where individuals from the field of robotics, medical and electronics are working together. More than 35 funding agencies have funded our research.

    Our researchers include faculty members, visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. They collaborate with colleagues across the Institute, at affiliated institutions, and at other research institutions. We aim to bring IIT Gandhinagar, as an institution for higher learning in science, technology, and Humanities which aspires to develop top-notch scientists, engineers, leaders, and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the society.

  • Outreach

    Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar believes in being an involved member of the community and a good neighbour. It believes in engaging with the community of which it is a part. Our presence should have a positive impact not only on those who are formally part of the Institute, but also on those who surround us, and whose lives are affected by the presence of the Institute. As educators, we will like to pursue means to bridge the knowledge and communication gaps that exist between the privileged and the underprivileged.

    IITGN is constantly engaged with and actively contributing to the local community, through formal and informal initiatives, outreach activities, and educational engagement. Our initiatives include NYASA (supporting and providing educational opportunities to the children of migrant construction workers) and NEEV (empower grassroots communities through workforce development, with a focus on entrepreneurship and skills training).

An Award-Winning Campus

IIT Gandhinagar was founded in 2008 and is located in Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on the banks of river Sabarmati. IITGN is rated India’s first 5-star GRIHA LD (Green) campus for minimizing the negative impact on the environment. The campus has been declared India’s first 5-star campus for ensuring food safety and promoting healthy eating.

The Institute follows the highest standards of safety for its employees engaged in construction activities. In this context, the IIT Council declared that the exemplary practices of IIT Gandhinagar (labor welfare and community outreach) should be introduced in all IITs.

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  • Students First

    IIT Gandhinagar empowers students with the most unique initiatives like Foundation Program, Invent@IITGN and Explorers Fellowship; extremely liberal branch change policies, flexibility in the curriculum, leadership, self-governance, cutting-edge research and diverse career opportunities including robust support for placements and an active incubation center.

  • Excellence in Research

    Research at IIT Gandhinagar covers a wide spectrum and is inspired by both real-world challenges and issues of fundamental importance. Further, our interdisciplinary centers of excellence, cross-institutional agreements, and vibrant visiting faculty program enrich our research and allow us to address ambitious issues that require inherently interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Beyond Placements

    IIT Gandhinagar is not focused on just providing high-salary packages to students - our all-around approach to education ensures that our students graduate as not only world-class engineers with evolved problem-solving skills but also as thinkers who emerge with a holistic view of the society and its issues.

  • Globalization

    IIT Gandhinagar is among the most globalized campuses in India with its vibrant study abroad (three times the average at U.S. universities) and visiting faculty exchange programs with renowned universities of almost all continents.

  • Award-Winning Campus

    IITGN's campus has been nationally recognized for its design aesthetics, energy saving, and green initiatives and its safety record and initiatives for construction workers. This institute is India's first 5-star GREEN campus for minimizing the negative impact on the environment and India's first 5-star campus to receive Eat Right campus award from FSSAI.

  • Outreach Initiatives

    IIT Gandhinagar encourages students to be involved members of the local community and explores ways to contribute to the grassroots, through formal and informal initiatives, outreach activities (NEEV) and educational engagement (NYASA). The IIT Council has identified IITGN's initiatives for its construction workers as important points that should be followed by all IITs.