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Academics at IITGN

The academic programs at IIT Gandhinagar espouse an appreciation of the interdisciplinary character of knowledge. Across all our undergraduate and postgraduate programs, our curriculum blends deep technical coursework with hands-on learning through projects, exposure to cutting-edge research and a substantial emphasis on the liberal arts.

We are entrepreneurial in our approach, draw our students’ attention to big societal problems, leverage modern pedagogical practices and are emphasizing a culture of active learning, thereby producing graduates who are not just technically sound but also socially aware.


Our programs aim to train students to blaze new paths rather than follow those charted by others. The education we provide aims to prepare a student for a lifetime of continual learning and application of knowledge to real life situations.

Additional Learning Opportunities

IIT Gandhinagar provides a large portfolio of options for additional learning to undergraduate students. We have innovated in many ways to allow students to pursue learning opportunities of their choice. Students can pursue an honors in their discipline or obtain a minor in another discipline. Students also have the option to pursue a second bachelors in a different discipline via our double major programme. They may convert their BTech programme into a BTech-MTech or a BTech-MSc dual degree programme, and so on.

All this coupled with our very liberal branch change norms allows each student to tailor their academic trajectory according to their interests and passion.

Short Courses

Lecture Series


In the spirit of hands-on experiences and our encouragement of tinkering and self-learning, students may want to use the resources mentioned here to forge out their own learning paths.

Student Recognitions

IIT Gandhinagar is always keen to celebrate the success of its students. We have instituted several medals and awards to honor the academic achievements, excellence in leadership, sports, cultural activities and social service and exemplary human qualities. We also offer different scholarships to encourage students to excel in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.