भा.प्रौ.सं. गाँधीनगर: उत्कृषटता के 15 वर्षसमाचार

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1. Student Support

As an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), we attract some of the brightest in the nation. Our students receive global exposure through international events and exchange programs as well as by interacting with visiting faculty from various countries and universities walking our halls.

Our scholarships and financial aid for both domestic and international students form a core part of the IITGN experience.

IIT Gandhinagar provides a variety of financial aid to prospective candidates, such as Early-Career Fellowships, post-doctorate fellowships and overseas exchange programs for our PhD students. As our priority, these financial aid applications run alongside endowed scholarships, which amount from ₹20 lakh (US $25,000) to ₹1 crore (US $120,000) and support one to five students annually.

We also provide endowed scholarships in collaboration with our donors, offering a 1:1 match towards the same.

2. Enabling faculty to engage in world class research

Our scholars are international experts with experience. Many donor-funded Chairs have already been established at IITGN, providing impetus to innovative developments from some of the world’s youngest and most dynamic academics. We owe our dedication to being torchbearers of a better tomorrow to the talent we accrue globally.

An endowment of ₹120 lakhs (US $145,000) facilitates one Chair. The amount may be donated over a period of three years. The Institute may also create “limited time” Faculty Chairs of 6 years for a donation of Rs 30 lakhs (US $36,000). The Chair is open to faculty from any discipline. The endowment for endowing discipline or program-specific Faculty Chairs ranges from ₹2.5 crores to ₹4 crores ($300,000 to $500,000), depending on the discipline and whether there are existing programmes at the Institute in the area.

Barriers can be broken when great minds can uninhibitedly strive towards providing well-researched outcomes. As they usher generations of scholars into global academia, our New Faculty Research Fellowships enable professors standing at the forefront of global advancement with the resources to complete their projects. Recipients get a monthly honorarium in addition to their regular salary. An endowment of ₹60 lakhs (US $72,000) enables the creation of one such fellowship. A donor may contribute the entire corpus in one instalment or over a period of three years. Limited-time fellowships may also be established for a ₹15 lakh (US $18,000) commitment for a 6-year fellowship.

Our generous donors have facilitated several Endowed Faculty Chairs and Faculty Chairs in Priority Areas, where our most accomplished professors push the boundaries of innovation to find solutions to pressing issues.

3. Overseas Research Experience and Travel Support

The Institute encourages PhD scholars to spend a semester at a top research laboratory or Institute in India or overseas. The support of about ₹9 lakhs (US $11,000) is required per student for overseas placement. Similarly, deserving young faculty members may be provided opportunities to spend a year at an overseas institute.

Furthermore, faculty members participating in international conferences are provided partial travel support through Government grants. The Institute offers additional support ranging from ₹1 lakh (US $1,200) to ₹3 lakh (US $3,600) raised from donations to faculty members based on excellence in research (publications, sponsored projects and institution building. Similarly, students may receive partial support up to ₹1,00,000 (US $1,200) to present their work at international conferences.

4. Community Initiatives

We are proud to share that IITGN has incorporated some of the country’s most progressive contract worker welfare programs into its model, providing its staff with housing, child educational support, and medical facilities.

Our outreach programs have also organised vaccination drives and health camps. Neev and Nyasa, our biggest initiatives, provide skill development training to grassroots communities and educate the children of migrant workers, respectively.

5. Building a University of Unique Experiences

Our high-value, high-risk curricular, governance and social engagement models encourage flexibility, autonomy and creativity. This has led to the creation of several unique programs for our students, such as:

We are always looking for opportunities to innovate and provide the best possible education and experience to our students. Your generous donations to any of the above as well as newer initiatives would provide the students

6. The Campus

Our home is the first in India to be awarded a five-star GRIHA-LD rating for sustainability, and a three-time 5-Star Eat Right Award from FSSAI – ensuring the comfort of our students, faculty and staff. Four hundred acres of lush residential land on the banks of the Sabarmati River contain buildings equipped with zero discharge, rainwater harvesting and solar power generation facilities that have won three HUDCO national design awards. The smart classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, air-conditioned hostels, world-class sports complex, and full-campus WiFi put a bow on it.

There are several naming opportunities available to donors for new infrastructure developments that have taken place at the campus.