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General FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a financial contribution to IITGN?

The fastest way to financially contribute to IITGN is through http://donate.iitgn.ac.in/donate/ (India) and http://www.iitgn.org/donate (USA). These links allow you to make a gift or pledge payment in a variety of ways.

2. Can I donate by check/draft?

Yes, you can have a cheque/draft made out to the IIT GANDHINAGAR Foundation (USA) or IIT Gandhinagar (India).

Mailing address in USA
450 Melville Avenue,
Palo Alto, CA. 94301, USA.

Mailing address in India
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar,
Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat,
India – 382055

For donors in India (or outside USA), Draft/Cheque payable to “IIT Gandhinagar Endowment Fund” should be mailed to:
Mr Rajendra Vaishnav
Accounts Officer
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
Palaj, Gandhinagar - 382055, India
Tel: +91 - 79-23952133
Email: donate@iitgn.ac.in

3. How can I update my contact information or credit card information?

To change your contact information, please email to donate@iitgn.ac.in with "Update Contact Information" in the subject line.

4. What are the types of donations?

Broadly, there are three types:

Unrestricted donations support innovations in our academic programs and enable us to seize emerging opportunities, seed new research, and support or reward exceptional performance.

Targeted donations are for specific institutional initiatives, such as:
• Endowed faculty chairs or research fellowships to recruit and retain the world’s leading faculty members.
• Excellence awards to reward exceptional performance by faculty and staff.
• Travel support for students and faculty to participate in conferences or conduct research.
• Pioneer PhD scholars programme to support doctoral students.
• Overseas research experience fund for PhD students and young faculty.
• Merit scholarships for undergraduate students.

Special donations in targeted focus areas often serve to jumpstart new programs and initiatives at the Institute.

5. What are the categories where I can direct my gift?

Alumni gifts, research support, unrestricted gifts, faculty and staff development, funds for financially needy students, workers’ welfare, and community outreach are some categories with the options of ‘one-time’ and ‘recurring’ donations.

6. How will my gift/donation be recognised, and how will I know it is being used?

IITGN publishes annual reports where your name will appear at the appropriate gift/donation level. Donors who have established named funds/scholarships receive regular reports from the Institute. Reporting may include contact from faculty or students, depending on the nature of the gift.

7. What are the tax benefits of making a gift to IITGN?

Donors in India and USA may avail of tax exemption. Donations in India are 100% exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Rules, Govt. of India.

8. How are endowed donations different from expendable donations?

Expendable donations are used entirely during a specific period — for example, gifts to annual funds. Endowed donations refer to funds invested for the long term and intended to provide a permanent source of financial support for the Institute, such as a scholarship.