Cultural Clubs

The cultural activities at IITGN are coordinated by the Cultural Council and play a crucial role in fostering creativity and confidence among students. These events are directed towards developing balanced and well-rounded individuals. Over the years, the student body has come up with a plethora of events and competitions covering a vast spectrum of activities including drama, photography, art expo and much more.

16 Pixels | Photography Club

“‘Click a button, capture the world around in your digital world.’”

“16 Pixels”, the photography club at IITGN, captures every precious moment and shares it with the IITGN community. IITGN folks are also allowed to pursue their interest in photography. Numerous events, workshops and competitions are conducted to encourage students to learn and build professional photography skills.

Facebook Page of 16-Pixel

Club Secretary:
Shreyas Sonawane
E-mail : 16pixels[at]

Abhinaya | Drama Club

Abhinaya, the drama club at IITGN, brings together all the acting and theatre enthusiasts to experience the theatre environment from script writing to acting. Dramas depicting social issues are staged every year as a part of Independence Day and Republic day celebrations. The drama club is actively engaged in making short films and performing street plays round the year. An action packed thriller movie, “The Butler Did It”, is produced every year for an event in Blithchron. Recently, a sitcom based on the daily activities in student's life has been released. It has continued throughout the semester.

Club Secretary:
Akshat Bansal
E-mail : abhinaya[at]

Cinematheque | Movie Club

As the name suggests, Cinematheque, the movie club of IITGN intends to screen classic and art - house films for the fraternity to fuel intellectual discussions and inject entertainment into their lives. The club is on a cinematic sojourn to build a rich archive of biopics, films, dramas, documentaries and short films of every genre at the institute. With this aim, the Cinematheque, showcases films based on a selected themes like patriotism, mentorship, festivity, entrepreneurship etc. frequently. The club carries on discussions on the movies as well. Noted films such as To Sir with Love, In Custody, Gandhi, Dead Poets Society, Fault in our Stars, are some of the films which garnered a huge crowd as well as generated stimulating conversations at the end of the screenings. In this burgeoning young IIT we are proud to inculcate and parse ideas through films and expose the fraternity to all forms of cinema.

Facebook Page of Cinematheque

Club Secretary:
Vedant Gote
E-mail : cinematheque[at]


Orenda is the Gender and Sexuality Club of IIT Gandhinagar. Orenda believes in the power of conversation, of relentless (dis)agreements and about constant revisitations about our ideas of society, our social roles, our responsibilities as individuals and as social groups. We conduct talks, screenings, and hope to collaborate with clubs and NGOs for performances, collaborative workshops, interdisciplinary conversations and function as the campus queer support group.

Club Secretary:
Alok Thakur
E-mail : orenda[at]

Palette | Art Club

At IITGN, the Art Club has been founded with an aim to nurture the artist within every student. Be it the water rangoli on Independence Day or the interiors of the student lounge, the Art Club never fails to mesmerize the IITGN family with their creativity and artistic skills. Their activities are a recreational rescue from the tiresome daily schedule. The annual Art Expo during Jashn is a belvedere of the emotive and creative expressions of students.

Club Secretary:
Rachit Ray
E-mail : palette[at]

Sargam | Music Club

The music club at IITGN gives the community an opportunity to be a part of different bands within the institute and to perform at different cultural events. The club appreciates and promotes various genres of music. It also offers different lessons in music, like Hindustani Classical vocals and Guitar. The music club also helps in organizing different musical concerts, competitions and workshops on campus . “MuSTY”, the annual singing competition is organized to recognize appreciate the talent of all budding singers.

Facebook Page of Music Club

Club Secretary:
Sahil Jain
E-mail : sargam[at]

Step Up | Dance Club

The club’s aim is to encourage students to take up different dance forms and provide a platform to perform these styles collectively. The Dance Club organizes expert and beginner level workshops for students, faculty and staff of the institute. The Garba and Contemporary dance workshops that were recently held received tremendous response. Also, an annual dance competition, “Thump”, is held during Jashn which calls upon all the dancers of the institute to compete in a cut-throat competition. The club also gives performances and trains students to perform in cultural events in and outside the institute.

Club Secretary:
Pranjal Singh
E-mail : stepup[at]

The Literary Society | Literary Club

The Literary Club at IITGN currently incubates three distinct and exclusive verticals - Creative Writing, Debating , and Quizzing. The Literary Club has been striving to achieve its vision of making the three verticals self-sustaining and independent , so that over time, they can evolve into respective clubs themselves. To encourage Creative Writing, we have the Palantir Blog, which showcases articles and poems from various students across the campus. The Debating and Public Speaking arena comprises mainly of the Debate Society, which organizes weekly debate sessions in the classrooms and the College Mess, picking relevant topics ranging from current events to on Campus issues. To encourage the culture of Quizzing, January is celebrated as Quizzing month, and quizzes are organized every weekend, on subjects ranging from sports to politics, from music to fiction.

Club Secretary:
Dimple Khaar
E-mail : litsoc[at]

Vinteo | Film Making Club

Vinteo - The Film Making Club of IITGN is a network of passionate storytellers, moviegoers,

directors, story writers, actors and cinematographers. We are committed to expanding the presence of the film community on campus & across the country in the absence of a formal film production program. The club will also help in the growth of our institute on media platforms. We desire to create awareness and provide training in the new trends in film-making to our community. The club aims to incite creativity, express emotions, convey a message through all its endeavours. The club will definitely entertain all its viewers and maintain a healthy long term bond between the cultural council and the IITGN community.

Club Secretaries:
Tanmaey Gupta
E-mail : Vinteo[at]

Technical Clubs

Technology has revolutionized the world and holds the key to our future. Being a new IIT, there is a need and room for technical developments, which would help the institute to achieve greater heights. IITGN holds technical activities at regular intervals, co-ordinated by the various clubs.

Metis | Coding Club

Metis, at IITGN aims at spreading knowledge related to computer programming to the students and also develop websites and applications that cater to the needs of the institute. The club arranges weekly workshops focusing on basic programming and designing languages like Java and html. To inculcate a coding culture in the institute, Hackathon nights are conducted. Competitions and sessions are also conducted for encouraging programming.

Club Secretaries:
P Jayakrishna Sahit
E-mail : coding[at]

Mean Mechanics | Robotic Club

Believing in the philosophy of "Learning through Application", the mean Mechanics club plays a crucial role in inspiring and creating curiosity towards robotics and mechanics. It organizes workshops and competitions throughout the year focusing on different aspects of engineering and giving hands on experience to participants.

Club Secretaries:
Anirudha Soni, Ajay Kumar Ucheniya
E-mail : meanmechanics[at]

DigiS | Digital Sports Club

Dice is the digital sports development club of IIT Gandhinagar. It acts as a platform for creative thinkers to turn their imaginations into reality. The club intends to take human-technology interaction to a whole new level. The club develops simulations, applications, augmented reality platforms for android and OS systems. It organizes regular events where students of the institute can participate.

Club Secretaries:
Vrutik Shah
E-mail :

Odyssey | Astronomy Club

The universe is as vast as our imagination. The Odyssey club of IITGN attempts to foster the knowledge and participation of students of the institute in the field of astronomy. It encourages students across different disciplines and programmes to relive their passion to learn about the space and universe as a whole. The club provides students with technical learning and hands on experiences on astronomical equipments. The club maintains a group of interested students active in observing the sky through the Newtonian telescope and conducting various events such as live streaming of observable astronomical events, presentations, talks and astronomical quizzes.

Facebook Page of Odyssey

Club Secretaries:
Meet Shah
E-mail : odyssey[at]