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Surgiranshu (सुरगिरांशु)


Surgiranshu, literally meaning ‘a ray of Sanskrit’, is a Sanskrit Subhashita contest. A subhashita is a literary genre of Sanskrit epigrammatic poems and their message is an aphorism, maxim, advice, fact, truth, lesson or riddle. ‘Su’ in Sanskrit means good; ‘bhashita’ means spoken; which together literally means well-spoken or eloquent saying.

Every day, one Subhashita will be posted on our Facebook page. You are invited to comment on the shloka and the best comment will win a cash prize of Rs. 200. Your comment can have the gist of the shloka/a real-life example of the shloka/your own reflective thoughts about the shloka/scene from any book or movie that portrays the exact situation (you will have to describe it)/your own fictional piece that will weave the shloka in it. So, what are you waiting for?