The 'summer break' has traditionally represented a period of lull in the academic calendar with dreary heat displacing student chatter from the corridors, and afternoon siestas interrupting the usual hustle-bustle in offices. The 'summer break' at IITGN is anything but the above. The numbers on campus may be less, and classroom activity may be low, but the intensity of student engagement shoots up and the office, laboratory and hostel lights stay on for longer, not less. The torrid pace of IITGN’s ‘summer break’ does not let up and transcends into the subsequent semester. Against such a backdrop where the distinctions between work and enjoyment blur, arrives the Summer Camp. The ‘camp’ encourages students and the campus community to pause, reflect and explore uncharted avenues.

This year’s Summer Camp is a compilation of activities that resonate with the institute’s ethos of all round enlightenment. Participants will engage in a series of creative, intellectual and relaxing pursuits ranging from Cinema and Visual Representation, Computing and Android, Photography, Painting and Sketching and Design. The activities require negligible background knowledge and offer learning experiences free of all academic constraints. The camp is unique in its scope and intent in the Indian context and serves to reinforce the institute’s constant effort to break new ground.

Registrations are closed for Summer Camp 2014. Please contact Dr. Shankarjee Krishnamoorthi ( or Dr. Sairam Swaroop ( regarding availabie slots for participation.