Energy; usually defined by students as the ability of a body to do work, has metamorphosed in this 21st century. With the depletion of conventionally available fuels and the rising demand for fuels which can adapt to the ever increasing needs, the Energy Systems Lab at IIT-Gandhinagar aims to develop new and promising sources for the same.

With a wide range of projects undertaken by students pursuing their Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates at the institute, this Lab has a line up of very intriguing projects up it's sleeve. Add to that the very excellent faculty coming up with projects of their own, the Energy Systems Lab has even in the short time since it's inception, achieved a lot.

In this site you will find the details of the faculties and the students working in this lab and the project details. You will also be updated about our latest results and some of the intriguing setups from the lab.

So stay tuned.