Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

MCM is a worldwide contest where teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to solve real life problems. This competition is held annually during the first week of February and is sponsored by COMAP, SIAM, NSA and INFORMS. It is a multi-day (four-day) mathematical competition and is very distinguished from other mathematical contests such as Putnam by its strong focus on research,originality and team work to solve real life problems.

Around one thousand international teams of three undergraduates compete every year. Initially the participation in the context was primarily from USA, but in recent years international participation has grown significantly.

Six student teams from IITGN took part in MCM-2013. Out of these, three teams were judged “Meritorious. While 5636 teams of students from across the world took part in MCM-2013, the title “Meritorious was awarded only to 15 percent of the participants.

Out of the remaining three teams, one team got "Honourable Mention" while two teams got recognition of "Successful Participants". A total of seven teams from India took part in the competition.

Solutions submitted by IIT-GN teams at MCM-2013:

Are you interested in solving real life problems using mathematical tools?

Do you want to compete among the most talented teams in the world?

Are you looking for challenge in your life other than the routine course work and entrance exams?

This year Mathematical Contest in Modeling will be held from February 6 to 10, 2014.

Registration: Registration fees of $10 has to be paid by each team out of the total of $100. Rest of the amount will be taken care of by the institute.

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If you can spare four days of your time to participate in this context, please contact

Dr. Anulekha Dhara