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Invited speakers
Amita Chatterjee (Presidency University, Kolkata)
A Model of ‘Creative’ Perceptual Experience

Anindya Sinha
(NIAS, Bangalore)
Scio Ergo Sum: Experience and Cognitive Knowledge in a Nonhuman Primate Species

Bapi Raju
(HCU, Hyderabad)
Serial Order and Sequencing as the Scaffold for Cognition and Creativity

Bob French
(CNRS, Dijon, France)
Creation and Discovery: Opposite Ends of a Continuum of Constraints

Boicho Kokinov
(New Bulgarian Univ. Sofia)
Analogy and Creativity

Hideki Kozima
(Miyagi University, Japan)
Robots-mediated interaction

Ilhan Inan
(Bogazici University, Istanbul)
Creativity, Curiosity, and Language

Mark Keane
(University College Dublin)
Creativity: A Gap Analysis

Nandini Singh
(NBRC, Manesar)
Practice makes perfect – cortical reading networks in second language learners

Narayanan Srinivasan
(CBCS, Univ. of Allahabad)
Reativity and Incubation Effect: A Behavioural and EEG Study

Prakash Padakannaya
(University of Mysore)
Creativity: An overview of definitions and its measurement

Rajesh Kasturirangan
(NIAS, Bangalore)
A Feeling for the Truth

Sam Coleman
(University of Hertfordshire)
Creativity and Consciousness

Thomas Ward
(Alabama University)
Virtual Creativity

Tony Veale
(University College Dublin)
Creative Information Retrieval: A Practical Marriage of Text Retrieval and Figurative Language Processing

Uri Hasson
(Princeton University)
Do we click? Speaker-listener neural coupling underlies successful communication

D. Narayana Dutt
(IISc Bangalore)
A Study of Physiological Correlates of Meditation Using Signal Processing Techniques

Georgi Stojanov
( The American University of Paris )
Computational Models of Creativity: Taking Development Seriously


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