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International conference on Cognition, Experience and Creativity


Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar




October 29, 2010


09.15 – 10.45: Inaugural 


Prof. Sudhir Jain (Director, IIT Gandhinagar)

Dr. H. B. Singh (Scientist, Dept of Science and Technology)


Virtual Creativity

Thomas Ward


10.45 – 11.00: Tea/Coffee break


11.00 – 01.15: Scientific Session I, Chair: Uri Hasson


Robots-mediated interaction

Hideki Kozima


Computational models of creativity: taking development seriously

Georgi Stojanov


Analogy and creativity

Boicho Kokinov


01.15 – 02.15: Lunch


02.15 – 03.45: Scientific Session II, Chair: Amita Chatterjee


Socio ergo sum: experience and cognitive knowledge in a nonhuman primate species

Anindya Sinha


Practice makes perfect – cortical reading networks in second language learners

Nandini Singh


03.45 – 04.00: Tea/Coffee Break


04.00 – 06.00: Scientific Session III, Chair: Mathai Baker Fenn


From Human beings to human knowing or from knowing paradigm to knowledge paradigm
Jinan K B

Creativity and Working Memory

Snehlata Jaswal


Creativity and Cognition in patients with left and right side lesion of the Brain

Jamuna Rajan


6.00 - 6.20: Eye tracking (presentation by Parag Amodkar, TOBII )


October 30, 2010


09.00 – 10.30: Scientific Session IV, Chair: Nandini Singh


Creativity: A Gap Analysis
Mark Keane


Creation and discovery: opposite ends of a continuum of constraints.

Robert French


10.30 – 10.45: Tea/Coffee breaks


10.45 – 01.15: Scientific Session V, Chair: Koshy Tharakan


A model of ‘creative’ perceptual experience

Amita Chatterjee


Creativity and Consciousness

Sam Coleman


A feeling for the truth

Rajesh Kasturirangan


01.15 – 02.00: Lunch


02.00 – 04.30: Scientific Session VI, Chair: H. B. Singh


Appraisal of Happy & Sad Musical Emotion: Influence of pitch distribution and tempo
Shantala Hegde


Anthropology of Experience: Discourse and cognition in Portuguese colonialism in India

Rosa Maria Perez


Cognitive dynamics of perception: Perception as enactment
Avinash Jha

Retelling the Relativity: Cognition, Creativity and Poetry
Falguni P. Desai


Jungian Archetypes: visual metaphors of psychological process
Ilaria Anzois

04.30 – 04.45: Tea/Coffee breaks


04.45 – 06.15: Poster presentations


Consciousness: Discussions at cellular level
Pradeep Kumar Sow & Richa Singhal

Word Sense Disambiguation in languages through the ‘Law of Conservation of thought’
Rudranarayan Mohapatra

Model of Human Creativity
Apratim Majumder & Niladri Banerjee

Experience: The root of personality, the pillar of development and the support of existence
Niladri Banerjee & Apratim Majumder

Cognitive insights into the nature of logic
Naresh Keerthi & Rajesh Kasturirangan

Perceptual experience: Nonconceptual or Conceptual
Manoj Kumar Panda

The Effect of Indian Classical Music on the Stress Levels of College Students
Archita Bhalotia

Neural Organization and Connectionist Models of Spatial Cognition: A Review
Jigar Patel & S. Bapi Raju

Role of Cognition, Creativity & Ordinary Thinking in Technology Revolution
Lipi K. Chhaya

The role of environment in personality development as a mode of experiences
Trusha Desai

Perceptual metaphors and creativity
Amitash Ojha & Bipin Indurkhya

Gestures: Shared Creativity across Languages and Cultures
Rolla Das, Rajesh Kasturirangan and Anindya Sinha

Gender and socio economic differences in problem solving abilities of young adults
Shahin Ghani & Bhupinder Singh

Creativity and Experience in an Uncertain World: Behavioural Innovations in Primate Communication
Shreejata Gupta, Rajesh Kasturirangan & Anindya Sinha

The Role of Human Creativity in Understanding Animal Cognition
Sartaj S. Ghuman, Rajesh Kasturirangan & Anindya Sinha

Creativity, Cognition and the Compound Verb in Hindi
Samiksha Bajpai

Development of cognition in the persperctive of Samkhya Darshan
Siddharth Jain and Rajat Jain

Experience and the Development of Animal Personality
Subhankar Chakraborty & Anindya Sinha

Acquisition of PECS and VOCA – A Single Subject Study
Harini Sampath, Suvarna Rekha ,Veera Reddy, Jayanthi Sivaswamy & Bipin Indurkhya

07.30 – 10.30: Conference Dinner, Fortune Inn Haveli, Gandhinagar  


October 31, 2010

09.00 – 10.30: Scientific Session VII, Chair: Robert French


Creative information retrieval: a practical marriage of text retrieval and figurative language processing

Tony Veale


Creativity, curiosity, and language

Ilhan Inan


10.30 – 10.45: Tea/Coffee breaks


10.45 – 01.15: Scientific Session VIII, Chair: Prakash Padakannya


Do we click? Speaker-listener neural coupling underlies successful communication

Uri Hasson


Serial order and sequencing as the scaffold for cognition and creativity

Bapi Raju


Creativity and incubation effect: a behavioral and EEG study

Narayanan Srinivasan


01.15 – 02.00: Lunch

02.00 – 03.30: Scientific Session IX, Chair: Hideki Kozima


Creativity: an overview of definitions and its measurement

Prakash Padakannya


Reporting Experience: The Role of the Subject
Harinarayanan V


The Recognizability of Individual Creative Style within and Across Domains
Apara Ranjan, Liane Gabora Brian O’Connor


03.30 – 04.00:  Concluding Session

04.30 – 07.30: Local sight seeing


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