All Chemical Engineering undergraduate students are required to take a laboratory course in each semester from 3rd to 7th semester. The Chemical Engineering laboratory, with an area of 165 sq. m., includes experimental set-up on Fluid mechanics, Unit Operations, Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Reaction Engineering, Thermodynamics, and Process Dynamics. Fluid mechanics experimental set ups include Reynolds Experiment, Bernoulliís apparatus, Friction factor through different pipes, Equivalent length of pipe fittings, Orifice and venture meter, Centrifugal pump characteristics, etc. Unit operations/Mass transfer operations experimental set ups include Ball mill, Sieve plate/Simple Distillation, Packed bed absorption tower, Solid-Liquid/ Solid-Gas/ Liquid-Gas mass transfer. Shell and tube/Double pipe/Coiled/Plate/Fluidized/ Fin Tube Heat Exchangers, Heat transfer in agitated vessel, Heat transfer in laminar/turbulent flows, Absorptivity of different materials set ups are included in Heat transfer operations. Chemical Reactors Engineering set ups cover Batch/PFR/CSTR reactors. Thermodynamics experiments cover VLE and Infinite Dilution Activity co efficient set ups. On off controllers, RTD distributions are studied using Process Dynamics experimental set ups.

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