Civil Engineering currently has Geotechnical Laboratory equipped with basic soil testing as well as high end research equipments such as Triaxial test setup with DAQ and analysis software for UU, CU, CD compression tests, Advanced Automated Triaxial setup with additional facility for Extension loading test, Ko test and Stress path test, Fully Automated Cyclic Triaxial test setup (0.01-10Hz, stress & strain controlled) for liquefaction potential and dynamic properties of soil (High strain amplitude; 10-4% to 10-2%); Bender Element system for shear modulus of soil (Low strain amplitude; 10-6% to 10-4%). In addition, a self-reacting pneumatic slurry consolidation setup and CRS (Constant Rate of Strain) consolidation setup have been developed at IITGN to prepare the remolded specimens of fine grained soils and to obtain compressibility parameters of cement treated soils respectively. To complement the automated testing procedures, design software such as GEO5, GiD, STAAD Pro, and SCI-SAP have also been acquired.

The In-situ testing equipments available at laboratory include Plate load test of 300kN capacity with motorized anchoring system for bearing capacity, Standard Penetration Test (SPT) & Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT) with automatic free fall hammering system for in-situ shear strength and shear wave velocity of soil. The basic soil testing equipments for UG studies are also available in the lab; Vibratory sieve shaker, Hydrometer, Atterberg limits, Standard and Modified proctor, Oedometer, UC setup, Direct Shear, Swell pressure setup, Relative density, Core Cutter, Sand Pouring, Chemical tests for soils, Muffled furnace (900°C) for organic matter determination, Optical & Digital LCD Microscopes etc.

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