IITGN has always been supportive of sports and fitness as it helps in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Students must be allowed to choose the sport of their liking and capability, and must be given an equal chance to excel in it. Keeping this in mind, ample facilities have been provided to the students for practicing and attaining professionalism in their respective games.



Currently the aquatics team goes to Sakar School just behind the campus for its practice sessions. A special well maintained pool is allotted for the IITGN community at Sakar School.

Captain :
Yash Bohre
E-mail : yash.bohre[at]
Secretary :
Navdeep Prakash
E-mail : navdeep.prakash[at]



All athletic equipment like javelins, shot puts, discuses, etc are available 24x7 and can be issued by students.. A special multipurpose ground is available for practice.

Captain :
V Avinash
E-mail : v.avinash[at]
Secretary :
Aparna Tumkur
E-mail : aparna.tumkur[at]



The indoor badminton court is well furnished with polished wooden flooring and is open 24x7. Racquets and shuttles are available throughout the day.

Captain (Boys) :
Kanak Sharma
E-mail : kanak.sharma[at]
Captain (Girls) :
Vaishnavi Patil
E-mail : vaishnavi.patil[at]
Secretary :
Naman Jain
E-mail : naman.jain[at]



An excellent, well maintained, fully lit court is present on campus which is open 24x7. Stands for spectators surround the court, making this the biggest attraction on campus during matches.

Captain :
Dinesh Koda (Boys)
E-mail : koda.dinesh[at]

Swathi SG (Girls)
E-mail :[at]
Secretary :
Mandar Konde
E-mail : konde.mandar[at]



A well maintained cricket ground with a cemented wicket, a practice mat wicket and fully equipped cricket kits are available. Flood lights have been installed for night practice.

Captain :
Sushant Kumar
E-mail : sushant.kumar[at]
Secretary :
Puneet Swami
E-mail : puneet.swami[at]



A football field , Sufficient floodlights to enable playing in the dark , football studs are provided on demand for non-football playing students too.

Captain :
Vaibhav Joshi
E-mail : joshi.vaibhav[at]
Secretary :
Anshul Yadav
E-mail : anshul.yadav[at]



With special emphasis on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, IIT Gandhinagar is well-equipped with a gym remodeled with a good selection of free weights and machines, for a full and complete body workout. It is open for all the students, staff and faculty of IIT Gandhinagar. The gym consists of equipment suitable for cardio as well as strength training.
The gymnasium is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm on all days.

Captain :
Anirban Mandal
E-mail : anirban.mandal[at]
Joint Secretary :
Amit Yadav
E-mail : amit.yadav[at]

Table Tennis


The TT hall is well equipped with wooden flooring and is fully air conditioned. It also boasts on robotic machine. Racquets and balls can be issued. The TT facilities are available to the students 24x7.

Captain :
Nikhil Sharma (Boys)
E-mail : nikhil.sharma[at]

Madhulika (Girls)
E-mail : l.madhulika[at]
Secretary :
Sowill Dave
E-mail : dave.sowill[at]



Two well-maintained courts, equipped with floodlights is open 24x7.

Captain :
Kapil Sharma (Boys)
E-mail : kapil.sharma[at]

Ankita Joshi (Girls)
E-mail : joshi.ankita[at]
Secretary :
Mohit Tandale
E-mail : tandale.mohit[at]

Sports Events


This is a day and night intra-institute sports festival, completely organized by the student body and is thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. It brings out the sportsman within each participant and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Objective is to increase interaction among students, staff and faculty of IITGN.

The last version of festival comprised 11 entertaining games played over 10 days. More than 400 matches attracted 2953 registrations from students, staff and faculty, who formed mix teams.

The games are played with modified rules like, Futsal, Tug of War, Frisbee, Touch Rugby, Foot Volley, Gully Cricket, 7 Stones, 3 a side Baddy, Basky, Dodge ball and Kho-Kho.

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The format of CCL resembles that of Indian Premier League (IPL). Each participating team is formed by auctioning. Each team will have their identity in terms of Jersey, Logo and Flag, etc.
This event is further fostered by the events such as Gamble (Predictor) and photography competition for the IITGN community.

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LFP or the League of Football Players is an annual football tournament. Founded in 2008, the LFP is the flagship event of Intra- College Sports activities at IIT – Gandhinagar. It attracts scores of enthusiastic, skillful and football crazy players in the 'Auction' - a full fledged bidding process, as good as Christie’s, that builds the teams for each season. Six clubs compete throughout the season for the coveted title of ‘The Best Football Team – IIT GN’. There is participation even from the faculty and staff! So there’s opportunity plenty, to make ‘scores’ level. The tantalizing crowd adds to the raging football fever. Every match is an ‘El Classico’ here!

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Inter-Departmental Championship is held annually among various departments of IIT Gandhinagar. Matches of all the major sports are held in between different departments and based on the cumulative performance of all the events General Championship is awarded to the department having gained maximum points throughout the tournament.

Inter IIT Tournaments

Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology, and is the biggest inter-collegiate tournament in the country in terms of scale. It is an eight day long affair held in December every year, with the Aquatics events held separately in October. The seven old IITs take turns hosting the event. The Inter IIT Sports Meet (or just Inter IIT, as students of the IITs call it) is the only event wherein all the IITs participate. IITGN has been sending contingents to this event and has witnessed some outstanding victories.