Student Council

The Student Council consists of secretaries who are responsible for managing the execution of activities in their respective domains. Student initiatives at IIT Gandhinagar are coordinated and executed by the Student Council and Student Senate. They are responsible for governance, long-term strategy building and the management of student activities on campus.

Prathamesh Badve
General Secretary
Prathamesh is a senior undergraduate student pursuing his major in Mechanical Engineering. An active member in various student activities since his freshman year, he aims at developing a transparent student council and senate system. He plans to take some new initiatives that will enhance the interdisciplinary learning atmosphere on campus. He likes to spend his free time reading books, playing football or video games with his friends.
Ayushman Tripathi
Convener, Student Senate
Ayushman is a Senior Undergraduate in the discipline of Electrical Engineering and has been an active member of the Student Senate since 2015. He aims to enhance the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the Student Senate by constantly innovating and taking new initiatives. In his leisure time he enjoys debating, cycling, quizzing and travelling.
Anmol Raina
Student Welfare Secretary
Anmol is a senior undergraduate currently pursuing his Bachelors in the discipline of Civil Engineering. Apart from engineering, he is motivated to build a career in administration and makes sure his opinion does not go unheard. He has previously held a few positions of responsibility and aims to help the living culture on campus to grow steadily and organically in its phase of gestation. He is an avid explorer and loves to travel to new places and meet new people.
Deepak Dhariwal
Academic Secretary
Deepak is passionate about engineering and academics in general. He is pursuing his B.Tech in Materials​ Science and Engineering. He is a philosopher, explorer and a thinker, and believes in getting things done.
Aditya Goel
Cultural Secretary
Currently pursuing majors in Electrical Engineering, Aditya believes that the most pleasing personality is built when intelligence is blended with confidence. He aims to build the confidence of the college students through their hobbies and interests in co-curricular activities and set up a vibrant culture at IITGn. He is passionate about playing piano and drums and loves to meet and interact with new people having varied interests.
Bhupendra kumar
Sports Secretary
Bhupendra is pursuing his major in Materials Science and Engineering. He is an enthusiastic cricket player, loves to play Table Tennis and is actively involved in sports. He believes sports facilitates team working skills and physical fitness in an active player.
Dinesh Anil Borse
Technical Secretary
Dinesh is pursuing his B.Tech in civil engineering. He is passionate about the upcoming technology and the potential they have to change the world. He spends his leisure hours reading books. He has been inspired by the book by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the “Missile Man of India”. His area of interest lies in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Apart from this, he likes to play badminton. He also likes to work on projects that can provide solutions to real life problems.
Siddharth Sheshadri K
IR&P Secretary
Siddharth is currently a senior undergraduate in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. He believes that first-hand experience in the industry is of utmost importance for the overall development of an engineer, and is passionate about developing a culture of innovation and technical zeal in IIT Gandhinagar. He has been involved in and has actively organised, various college activities right from his first year. He is a voracious reader and debater. If not curled up somewhere with a good book, he can be seen hanging out with his friends or playing football.
Pragadeesh R R
Professional Development Council Secretary
Pragadeesh is pursuing his undergrad in Mechanical Engineering. He strongly believes that professionalism is anyone's key to pursue his/her aspirations. He has worked in the Sponsorship team of Blithchron for two years and was the CDS Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering for his batch. He is a sports fanatic and follows and plays a variety of sports especially tennis. He's also fond of travelling places and always makes time to go for short trips with his pack of friends.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is an elected body that deliberates on various aspects of student life at IIT Gandhinagar. The Student Senate, which meets thrice a semester, has representation from BTech, MA, MSc, MTech and PhD students. Currently there are 15 students in the senate. The Student Senate is coordinated by the Convener. The Student Senate has, under its domain, multiple standing committees viz. Health Committee, Hostel Maintenance Committee, Mess Council, Alumni Association Committee, Steering Committee of senate, Election Commission and Rules & Procedures Committee. The members of the current Student counsel are the following.

List of Senators
Ayushman Tripathi Senator, B.Tech 2014
Prasanna Raut Senator, B.Tech 2014
Harsh Modi Senator, B.Tech 2014
Ankur Yadav Senator, B.Tech 2015
Tarun Sharma Senator, B.Tech 2015
Ankit Ghanghas Senator, B.Tech 2015
Himanshu Rai Senator, B.Tech 2016
Jai Parmar Senator, B.Tech 2016
Ankur Yadav Senator, B.Tech 2016
Sushrut Surve Senator, B.Tech 2016
Anusha Gupta Senator, Girls' Representative
Anita Zade Senator, Girls' Representative
Amardeep Tiwari Senator, PhD
Sachin Giri Senator, M.Sc
Pawan Sharma Senator, M.A.


Alumni Association

The IIT-GN Alumni Association came into existence in the year 2012. Executive committee members, Faculty advisor and student coordinators of alumni association coordinate the activities of Alumni Association.

The Association was established with an objective to set up a strong communication channel between the alumni and its Alma mater. By laying a strong foundation, association would cater to fulfill needs of the alumni, helping them connect with each other and also establish mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and institute.

To build relationships between alumni and student body a series of Web Conference sessions were organised by Alumni Association. Alumni from among various field were invited to participate in these sessions. Through these sessions alumni helped the students to identify and analyse suitable career options to pursue once they complete their graduation.

Health Committee

Health Committee at IITGN strives to improve the health of IITGN family in all ways possible. Health Committee helps provide temporary health treatment through immediate first aid and creates awareness on issues related to health. Committee members are trained to follow a systematic procedure for treatment in emergency situations.

Events Organised :

  • A Quotes writing competition was organized so that people come up with Health related interesting and meaningful quotes. (Around 45 students participated)
  • A stall was setup at Winter Carnations'14 to increase health awareness. Skipping rope, Hula-hoop and a quiz-cum-dart game were the main attractions of the stall apart from the posters and the top 10 quotes that were displayed at the stall.
  • Facebook Page of Health Committee

    Election Commission

    Election Commission IIT Gandhinagar is a formal body to conduct elections for student council , student senate and for the position of class representative.

    EC has set of rules and regulations to conduct elections and to ensure free and fair elections. Members of EC are expanding every year as per the population of voters to ensure smooth functioning of Election Commission. EC also take measures to increase voting percentage by various innovative measures.

    Facebook Page of Election Commission

    Maintainance Committee

    The committee looks after all the maintenance facilities provided to the students in the hostels.

    • For each hostel, committee includes a faculty supervisor and student team.
    • Each hostel has a hostel warden/caretakers and other maintenance staff.