Student Council

The Student Council consists of secretaries who are responsible for managing the execution of activities in their respective domains. Student initiatives at IIT Gandhinagar are coordinated and executed by the Student Council and Student Senate. They are responsible for governance, long-term strategy building and the management of student activities on campus.

Lakhan Agrawal
General Secretary & Interim Convener, Student Senate
Lakhan is a senior undergraduate student in the discipline of Chemical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He is well acquainted with the student life, the campus, and its culture. He believes that as a Student Representative, the main responsibility lies in developing a foundational culture where students decide matters for themselves and settle on better choices for themselves as well as for other people. He has a zeal for doing work with genuineness and empathy. He enjoys taking care of issues and believes in completing things. He likes to travel and capturing memories through pictures.
Kshitij Sendre
Welfare Secretary
Kshitij is a Senior Undergraduate in the Discipline of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He has been actively involved in various student initiatives right from his first year. He strongly believes in taking new initiatives rather than following old traditions, and that success depends primarily on the motivation to improve. He was an integral part of the team that first established the first SAEIndia Student Chapter at IIT Gandhinagar. He is interested in Automobiles and wants to pursue a career in developing Electric Vehicles. He is passionate about street photography and often travels through the streets of Ahmedabad with a camera.
Animesh Rastogi
Academic Secretary
Animesh is a senior undergraduate in the discipline of Civil Engineering. He has been an active participant in academic activities since his second year. In the past, he has held positions as Coordinator for Events and Initiatives in the Academic Council and Coordinator of Student Leadership Conclave. He likes to work in teams and believes that awareness is the most important step towards any positive change. He is passionate about Geomechanics and plans to pursue a career in it. He loves to travel and has travelled to many cities across India and abroad.
Pankaj Vatwani
Technical Secretary
Pankaj is a senior undergraduate student in the discipline of Electrical Engineering and has been involved in many technical activities of the Institute. He is a team player and aims to create a culture where technology can be applied to give the best possible solution to every problem. He has been an integral part of many organizing committees. He likes to play football and computer games in his leisure time.
Mukul Lawas
Cultural Secretary
Mukul Lawas is a senior undergraduate student in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering. He is passionate about dancing and had taken the responsibility of being the Secretary of the Dance Club at IIT Gandhinagar. He is also an active member of the Cultural Council since his first year of college and has given undivided attention to the workings of the Council. He strongly believes in teamwork than individuals working single-handedly. His other interests include socializing and travelling. He also takes delight in riding bikes and playing cricket.
Rahul Yadav
Sports Secretary
Rahul Yadav is a senior undergraduate pursuing his major in the discipline of Electrical Engineering. Sport is an essential part of his life, and he accredits sports for helping him develop a strong character. He believes that sports is symbolic of life itself and can help in the overall development of an individual. He is interested in many games but plays cricket passionately as an on-campus sport. As a representative of the students, he aims that every intent to play is facilitated easily without any barrier. His goal is to develop the idea of ‘playing as a team’ in the contingent of IITGN, recognize the efforts of students dedicated in sports and create new opportunities for everyone to play and learn.
Smeet Vora
PDC Secretary
Smeet is a senior undergraduate student in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering. He has been actively involved with the Career Development Services (CDS) and knows about the challenges faced by the students while entering into the professional world. He is a dedicated and result-oriented individual with an aim to inculcate professional behaviour among the students. He wants the students to excel in their field of interest by forming focussed groups which would provide them with the required resources and mentors helping them enhance their learning. He also plans to organize various workshops, talks, sessions aimed towards exploring and shaping the career interests of students.
Kavan Joshi
IR&P Secretary
Kavan is a senior undergraduate in the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering. He is a dedicated individual and an ardent supporter of necessary industrial exposure to engineering students. His believes that IITGN shows great promise in harvesting the benefits of industry-academia collaboration. He has been an integral part of many organizing committees and believes that by working together one can achieve great heights. He likes to travel and enjoys his everyday dinner conversation with friends.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is an elected body that deliberates on various aspects of student life at IIT Gandhinagar. The Student Senate, which meets thrice a semester, has representation from BTech, MA, MSc, MTech and PhD students. Currently there are 30 students in the senate. The Student Senate is coordinated by the Convener. The Student Senate has, under its domain, multiple standing committees viz. Health Committee, Hostel Maintenance Committee, Mess Council, Alumni Association Committee, Steering Committee of senate, Election Commission and Rules & Procedures Committee. The members of the current Student counsel are the following.

List of Senators
Email ID
B.Tech 16 Senator
Pranav Peepre
B.Tech 17 Senator
Jainam Shah
Utkarsh Gangwal
Rahul Dhamania
Ajj Patel
B.Tech 18 Senator
Anas Ali
Harsh Patel
Aditi Gera
Parth Daga
B.Tech 19 Senator
Hemant Poonia
Nikharv Shah
Harsh Vinayak
Nimit Agarwal
M.Sc 18 Senator
Sarvdeep Sangwan
Abhinav Gautam
M.Sc 19 Senator
Pankaj pankaj_19510080@iitgn.acin
Mrityunjay Kumar Jha
M.A 18 Senator Punya Suri
M.A 19 Senator Ekata Lahiri
M.Tech 18 Senator
Adarsh Thakur
Akshay Srivastava
M.Tech 19 Senator
Anant Misra
Jainendra Jain
Priyanka Sharma
Girls Senator (UG) Kavita Vaishnaw
Girls Senator (PG) Ojasvi Verma
Ph.D Senator
Rajesh Pavan
Adarsh kumar
Anukesh Krishnankutty Ambika
Bala Harsha Teja


Alumni Relations Office

The Alumni Relations Office at IIT Gandhinagar was established with the motive to give a platform for the Alumni to contact and connect with the alma mater. The alumni of IIT Gandhinagar can contact Alumni Relations office for any requests related to the institute. The office will also act as a catalyst to improve the connections of IITGN alumni and give an opportunity to cash-in on each other’s knowledge and help create a network of well-informed and well-connected alumni who are willing to help each other and the Institute. It will also keep alumni updated about various activities that are happening in the campus, thus helping them to stay connected with IIT Gandhinagar.

Health Committee

Health Committee at IITGN strives to improve the health of IITGN family in all ways possible. Health Committee helps provide temporary health treatment through immediate first aid and creates awareness on issues related to health. Committee members are trained to follow a systematic procedure for treatment in emergency situations.

Events Organised :

  • A Quotes writing competition was organized so that people come up with Health related interesting and meaningful quotes. (Around 45 students participated)
  • A blood donation camp was set up in IIT Gandhinagar in association with The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute Blood Bank (GCRI).
  • Facebook Page of Health Committee

    Election Commission

    Election Commission IIT Gandhinagar is a formal body to conduct elections for student council , student senate and for the position of class representative.

    EC has set of rules and regulations to conduct elections and to ensure free and fair elections. Members of EC are expanding every year as per the population of voters to ensure smooth functioning of Election Commission. EC also take measures to increase voting percentage by various innovative measures.

    Facebook Page of Election Commission

    Maintainance Committee

    The committee looks after all the maintenance facilities provided to the students in the hostels.

    • For each hostel, committee includes a faculty supervisor and student team.
    • Each hostel has a hostel warden/caretakers and other maintenance staff.