The B.Tech, M.Tech, MA, MSc and PhD programs are residential programs, and therefore, IIT Gandhinagar provides residential facilities for all students. They are accommodated in six different hostels, namely: Aibaan, Beauki, Chimair, Duven, Emiet and Firpeal. IIT Gandhinagar believes in ownership of campus by the students. All hostels are managed by students through the hostel maintenance committee. In each hostel, a resident caretaker follows up on all routine maintenance issues, and the warden is ultimately responsible for hostel administration. Each student is issued basic furniture including chair, study table, cot and mattress at the beginning of the academic year. Students in all hostels have access to a common room, laundry and canteen facilities within their respective hostels. In addition, there are pantries in each floor of the hostels which have refrigerators, microwave ovens and induction stoves. There is a general store within the hostel premises to provide the students with basic necessities like stationary, toiletries and snacks. Some of the common facilities are listed below.


Three qualified medical practitioners are available at the institute round the clock to provide medical care and advice to students, staff and faculty. Hospitalization expenses of all students are covered under a medical insurance policy. A trained male nurse and an assistant are available on a full-time basis to provide emergency first-aid, and for routine medical services such as checking temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels and dressing wounds. They also assist in maintaining medical supplies and keeping medical records. The other facilities include an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, nebulizer therapy for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), otoscope and a suction machine for ear examination, eye check-up facility, and a 24-hour vehicle facility for patients in case of emergency. The SAL Hospital Ahmedabad is in the institute’s panel of approved hospitals.

Mess and Canteens

IIT Gandhinagar mess serves nutritious food throughout the year to students. Hygiene and cleanliness within the mess premises is well taken care of to make sure the students have a healthy environment to have their meals. We have been successful in creating curiosity among students to visit the mess regularly by serving extra special dishes. IIT Gandhinagar mess also serves Jain food to the students preferring it.

Aradhna Canteen

Aradhna canteen is one of the most engaged and busiest places in the institute in the evenings and during the nights. It is famous for its healthy and tasty food. The canteen serves a large variety of food items including full meals, Indian snacks, Chinese food, ice creams and beverages including tea, coffee and cool drinks. Students and even faculty are found having their snacks or dinner from this canteen sitting in the Panchayat chowk. It is open on all days from 4 pm to 3 am.

Tea Post

The Tea post outlet in the campus is a very hygienic environment loaded with great tea, light snacks, magazines and newspapers. The outlet offers a variety of hot and cold beverages like cold coffee, cold coco and iced tea. apart from a range of food items including sandwiches, puffs, noodles and many other traditional snacks like thepla, poha, and upma. The outlet is open on all days from 10 am through midnight 3 am.

Amul Store

The Amul store, located just outside the mess, serves ice creams, milk shakes, chocolates and many other dairy products. The store remains open from 10 am to 9:30 pm on all days.