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Unconfined Compression (UC) Test

Need and Scope:

It is not always possible to conduct the bearing capacity test in the field. Sometimes it is cheaper to take the undisturbed soil sample and test its strength in the laboratory. Also to choose the best material for the embankment, one has to conduct strength tests on the samples selected. Under these conditions it is easy to perform the Unconfined Compression (UC) test on undisturbed or remoulded soil sample.


An Unconfined compression test is also known as uniaxial compression tests, is special case of a triaxial test, where confining pressure is zero. UC test does not require the sophisticated triaxial setup and is simpler and quicker test to perform as compared to triaxial test. In this test, a cylinder of soil without lateral support is tested to failure in simple compression, at a constant rate of strain. The compressive load per unit area required to fail the specimen as called Unconfined compressive strength of the soil.

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