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Direct Shear Test

Need and Scope:

The value internal friction angle and cohesion of the soil are required for design of many engineering problems such as foundations, retaining walls, bridges, sheet piling. Direct shear test can predict these parameters quickly.


The concept of direct shear is simple and mostly recommended for granular soils, sometimes on soils containing some cohesive soil content. The cohesive soils have issues regarding controlling the strain rates to drained or undrained loading. In granular soils, loading can always assumed to be drained. A schematic diagram of shear box shows that soil sample is placed in a square box which is split into upper and lower halves. Lower section is fixed and upper section is pushed or pulled horizontally relative to other section; thus forcing the soil sample to shear/fail along the horizontal plane separating two halves. Under a specific Normal force, the Shear force is increased from zero until the sample is fully sheared. The relationship of Normal stress and Shear stress at failure gives the failure envelope of the soil and provide the shear strength parameters (cohesion and internal friction angle).

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