Present Ph.D Students

Selvia Kuriakose
Research Areas: Virtual Reality, Biomedical Signal Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Affective Computing

Deepesh Kumar
Research Areas: Virtual Reality based Stroke Rehabilitation, Eye Tracking, Biomedical Signal Processing, Machine Learning

Pradeep Raj K B
Research Areas: Virtual Reality based simulations, Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction, Eye Tracking, Artificial Intelligence, Affective Computing.

Dhaval Solanki
Research Areas: Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction, Measuring Human Physiological Indices, Stroke Rehabilitation.

Ranjita Dash
Research Areas: Modeling & Integrating Electro-Mechanical Systems, System Development for Virtual Reality Based Applications, Dynamics Modeling and Control of Underwater Vehicles

M.Tech Students

Sunny Verma
Research Areas: Balance rehabilitation of stroke patient,Virtual Reality, Signal processing, Neural networks
(year of graduation - 2016)

Megh Patel
Research Areas: Embedded system for Bio-medical application, Robotics,Automation, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction
(year of graduation - 2016)

Rithika Jain
Research Areas: Research areas: Robotics, Brain Computer Interface, Virtual Environment Gaming
(year of graduation - 2016)

Under Graduate Students

Animesh Kumawat
Research areas: Developing cost-effective and portable rehabilitation systems, biomechanics and virtual reality based systems.
(year of graduation - 2016)

Sai Rama krishna
Research areas: Robotics, Embedded Systems, Eye tracking, Computer Vision, Automation, Signal Processsing.
(year of graduation - 2018)