Patents applied

  1. Patent filed (Appln. No.: 201621015918) on 6th May 2016 ‘A Walking Aid for a Parkinson’s Disease Affected Person’; Co-inventors are Uttama Lahiri, Megh Patel (MTech Student, IITGN) and Sai Ramakrishna (BTech Student, IITGN).
  2. Patent filed (Appln.No.:3911/MUM/2014) on Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System–This is a micro-controller based Smart Non-invasive Health Monitoring Device that can measure one’s Blood Pressure, Hemoglobin, Heart Rate, etc. This provides window to one’s pathological state. This features tele-monitoring and data can be interpreted even by illiterate.
  3. Patent filed (Appln.No.: 3959/MUM/2014) on Eye Tracking System–This is a gaze-based cost-effective stroke prediction mechanism that has the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in healthcare related to stroke. Its capability of tele-neurorehabilitation can benefit even the remote rural healthcare.