About Campus

Green Campus

The IITGN campus is a benchmark in green development. It has been intricately designed so as to maximize the use of available space along with preserving the biodiversity as well as aesthetic value of the area. It is designed to be a ‘pedestrian campus’, free of vehicular traffic and pollution. The campus is characterized by low energy and resource consumption as well as minimal upkeep and low maintenance cost. Apart from this, various green initiatives have been undertaken. These include water recycling, rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient designs responsive to local weather conditions, passive cooling technologies, selection of construction materials and processes, etc.

Interactive Campus

With the belief that learning extends beyond the classroom, the IITGN campus provides ample of spaces and opportunities for academic as well as non-academic interaction. The academic buildings are not divided by area of study. Therefore, with faculty, staff and students from a variety of disciplines occupying any particular building, corridor and elevator conversations become inherently interdisciplinary. In addition, the spaces outside buildings are being carefully planned to allow gathering spaces to allow for collaboration and conversations outside classrooms. Permeable districts edges or creation of open spaces between student and staff quarters has also helped in fostering interaction.

Smart Campus

From intelligent power management systems to smart card access systems, IITGN is planning to implement several measures to make the campus an intelligent campus. These initiatives are expected to help in minimizing energy consumption, efficient and intelligent administration (both academic and nonacademic), smart asset management among other things. The buildings are energy efficient with day lighting and low energy cooling. The campus as a whole complies with the NBC principle of sustainability making it a smart campus.

Free & Open Campus

One of the most important aspect the IITGN campus boasts is the freedom offered to the community members on campus. Within the campus boundaries, no area is restricted to any section of the community. The institute believes in all-round co-education in all spheres. Debates and discussion on diverse issues are encouraged. The campus has one of the most liberal hostel policies.