About Us

In 2012, the world population crossed the demographic milestone of seven billion inhabitants. Globally, people are living longer and there have been tremendous advances in public health and technology suggesting achievements of the global scientific community. At the same time, our world remains deeply divided in terms of incomes and opportunities with continuing disparities in health, education and justice. These paradoxical forces are fundamentally altering economies, trade, human migration, environment, and disease burdens across the globe. Acknowledging and addressing these developmental concerns through informed dialogues, impactful research and public policy are crucial practical and moral challenges of our times.

Poised at this critical juncture, the Summer Institute, through pedagogy and research, will offer a unique opportunity to engage, empower and prepare young researchers in their global pursuit for a healthy, equitable and sustainable world for all. Through cutting edge research drawing from diverse social sciences and humanities disciplines and utilizing interdisciplinary methodologies, the Summer Institute will examine how the scientific community at large can contribute to a sharper understanding of the complex interlinkages of health and development, with a particular focus on the global South. The Institute aims to engage participants to successfully build professional networks, develop research programs and actively contribute to critical knowledge creation and exchange.

Program Overview

Sessions will be a combination of

  • Pedagogy
  • Hands-on training
  • Developing a collaborative research proposal.

All sessions will be convened either by the faculty of IITGN and the University of Saskatchewan or by (invited) leading scholars in the field.

Morning sessions will include experts speaking on topics related to the overarching theme of global health and development.

Afternoon sessionswill allow participants to either discuss/review pre-assigned readings with a faculty member(s) or work in small groups to develop a research proposal. In addition, the Summer Institute will host evening events such as performances, music recitals and receptions to provide participants with a unique, distinctive cultural experience as well as socializing opportunities.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to sign up for advanced research methods break-out sessions (see list below). Through these specialized training and project evaluation sessions, the Summer Institute hopes to build research capacity and inform future development needs.

Program Schedule

We will update this schedule in the next few weeks. We encourage you to check back late.

Date Time Activity Resource person/speaker
May 17 (Sunday) 9:30-10:00am Welcome message: Why Summer Institute on Global Health & Development? Conveners: Tannistha Samanta & UofS research staff
10:00-10:15am Dean, R&D, IITGN Prof. S.P Mehrotra
10:15-10:30am Managing Director, GACL Mr. A.M Tiwari
10:30-11:15am Participant introductions
11:15am Tea/coffee break [will be provided by IITGN]
11:30am - 12:30pm Keynote speaker Prof. Dileep Mavalankar*
12:45-2:00pm WELCOME LUNCH [will be provided by IITGN]
2:00-4:30pm Introduction to Research Methods-Quantitative Methods Lachlan McWilliams, Jason Disano
May 18 (Monday) 10:00-12:30pm Theme: Demography, Gender & Politics Tannistha Samanta
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30 pm Introduction to Research Methods-Ethnographic & Qualitative Methods Jason Disano, Rob Innes
May 19 (Tuesday) 10:00am- 12:30 pm Theme: Humanity Divided: Capabilities and Opportunities of Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous Peoples Kalowatie Deonandan, Rob Innes
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Writing for Research: I Lisa Vargo
May 20 (Wednesday) 10:00am-12:30 Theme: Psychology & Global Health Lachlan McWilliams
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Ethical concerns in health research Ray Deonandan, Malavika Subramanyam
May 21 (Thursday) 10:00am-12:30 Theme: Migration & Development Rob Innes, Irudaya Rajan*
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm How to write a research proposal? Malavika Subramanyam & Lisa Vargo
May 22 (Friday) 10:00am-12:30 Theme: Social Determinants of Health Malavika Subramanyam & Ray Deonandan
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Introduction to self-report measures Lachlan McWilliams
WEEKEND Readings will be assigned.Participants are expected to do their readings and work on their 1-page proposal outline
May 25 (Monday) 10:00am-12:30 Theme: Health, Livelihoods and Economic Development Shamika Ravi* and Tara Nair*
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Break-out discussion sessions[will include discussion of readings in 4 groups of ~10 participants each] Group Coordinators:
Kalowatie Deonandan
Rob Innes
Lachlan McWilliams
Tannistha Samanta
May 26 (Tuesday) 10:00am-12:30 Theme: Health, Vulnerability and Social Institutions Tannistha Samanta & Subharati Ghosh*
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Health communication and social media in achieving public health goals: Evidence-based lessons Ray Deonandan, Mukta Gundi (doctoral student, IITGN)
4:15-6:15pm Theme: Global Health & Medical Tourism Ray Deonandan,
May 27 (Wednesday) 10:00am-12:30 Theme: Democracy, Development & Human Rights Kalowatie Deonandan, speaker/resource person (TBD)
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Introduction to Research Methods:Mixed Methods Study Design Sugandhi del Canto
May 28 (Thursday) 09:00am-10:30am Theme: HIV/AIDS & Global Health Challenges Sugandhi del Canto
11:00am-1:30pm Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo Sugandhi del Canto
May 29 (Friday) 10:00am-12:30 Introduction to multilevel analysis Malavika Subramanyam
WEEKEND Readings will be assigned.Participants are expected to do their readings and work on their 1-page proposal outline
June 1 (Monday) 10:00am-12:30 Introduction to conducting surveys in India and data source availability Shivakumar Jolad
June 2 (Tuesday)
9:00am-10:30am Proposal discussion with participants ALL Resource Persons
11:00am-12:30pm Break-out discussion sessions[will include discussion of readings in 4 groups of ~10 participants each] MGroup Coordinators:
Ray Deonandan
Sugandhi Del Canto
IITGN Grad Students (TBD)
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-5:00pm GIS-based spatial analysis Shivakumar Jolad
June 3 (Wednesday) 10:00am-12:30 TTheme: How to write successful grant proposals/ Communicating research findings to policy makers Jason Disano, Tannistha Samanta
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm RCTs and Evidence-based policy making: opportunities and challenges Mr. Gautam Patel (J-PAL, India)*
8:00pm SUMMER INSTITUTE DINNER [Location:TBD] [will be provided by IITGN]
June 4-June 7 Open Days. Participants will work on their research plan presentations**. This includes a weekend.One of these days will include a film screening, followed by discussion.
June 8 (Monday) 10:00am-12:30 Research plan presentations & feedback ALL available resource persons
12:45-2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-4:30pm Writing for Research: II David Parkinson
June 9 (Tuesday) 10:00am-12:30 Research plan presentations & feedback ALL available resource persons
June 10 (Wednesday) 10:00am-12:30 Research plan presentations & feedback ALL available resource persons
June 11 (Thursday) 10:00am-12:30 Research plan presentations & feedback ALL available resource persons
June 12 (Friday) 10:00-11:00am Closing remarks David Parkinson, Tannistha Samanta
11:00-11:30am Workshop feedback forms administered
11:30 am- Handing out certificates
Summer Institute Ends
*Invited speakers