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IIT Gandhinagar IIT Gandhinagar


"IIT Gandhinagar currently offers a 4-year B.Tech. and M.Tech. programmes in the Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Materials Science and Engineering branches. It also offers 2-year MSc programme in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Cognitive Science, and 2-year MA programme in Society and Culture. The Ph.D. programme offers research areas in Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering), Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Earth Science) and Humanities & Social Sciences (Cognitive Science, History, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Epidemiology)"

  B. Tech.
  Start-early Ph.D. fellowship
  M.Sc. Cognitive Science
  MA in Society & Culture
  PGDIIT in Engineering
  Non-degree and Part-Time Non-degree Programmes
  International Students