The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) discipline at IIT Gandhinagar focusses on delivering the fundamental concepts of materials engineering as well as develop interest in advanced research and engineering in the area of materials. The discipline studies the inter-relationships between structure and properties of materials and encompasses all classes of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers and composites). Properties of materials are intimately related to its structure, i.e. which atoms are present, how they are joined and how groups of atoms are arranged throughout the materials. This structure of materials, and in turn its properties, is controlled by the processing of the material. Materials engineers are involved in the entire life cycle of materials from extraction, processing, design, development, manufacturing to reclamation and recycling.

The courses offered in the discipline range from basic fundamental science to modern materials engineering aspects, such as, Structure & Characterization of materials, Thermodynamics & Kinetics of materials, Principles of metal extraction, Materials science of thin films, Advanced metal forming techniques, Light metal alloys, Biomaterials, and Advanced Engineering Materials.

The research interests of faculty members in MSE discipline include Transparent conducting oxides, Cell-penetrating and antimicrobial peptides, Study of joining processes, Biomaterials and tissue engineering, Interface structure and dynamics, Mineral processing and process metallurgy, and, Superplastic forming and formability of materials.