M.Tech. Programme

The programme will be developed in the interdisciplinary framework of Earth System Science, which will include its major components i.e. lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. The current focus will be on Earth surface and hydrological processes including the natural hazards.

The programme will take masters students with good knowledge of Geology/Geophysics/Environmental Science/ Agricultural Science and/or B.Tech. students from Civil Engineering/Agricultural Engineering. The M.Tech. programme will aim to strengthen their understanding on specific component of Earth System Science and will provide holistic interdisciplinary understanding of ‘Earth Surface Processes’. Further, the courses on computing, mathematics and remote sensing have been designed to provide them strong scientific base to analyse the data related to Earth System Science. Courses on humanities and social science will help them to integrate the natural processes with social impacts.

Overall, special emphasis will be given to develop quantitative understanding of the processes and to develop the mathematical models related to Earth System Science. The students are expected to have interest in quantitative reasoning, mathematical modelling and computing.

The programme will follow the general requirements and guidelines of the M.Tech. programme at the Institute level (http://www.iitgn.ac.in/mtech.htm).

Programme Structure and Available Courses

The standard M.Tech. programme structure of IIT Gandhinagar will include 32-48 credits of course work (8-12 courses of 4 credits each) and 32-48 credits of thesis work. The following courses will become part of the M.Tech. programme. All courses will be elective for the students, however in general, Earth Sciences (EHXXX) and hydrology related courses will define the focus of the programme.

Courses Related to Earth System Science:

  1. Earth Surface Processes (EH 601)
  2. Critical Zone System Science (EH6XX)
  3. River Morphology and Ecology (EH 602)
  4. Quantitative Geomorphology (EH 605)
  5. Advanced Engineering Hydrology (CE 611)
  6. Water Resources Engineering (CE 308)
  7. Satellite Photogrammetry (EH 603)
  8. Terrain Modelling and Analysis (EH 604)
  9. Remote sensing of Land and Water Resources (CE 605)
  10. Water Quality Engineering (ES 6XX)
  11. Mathematical modelling in Earth System Science and Sustainability (EH XX)
  12. Water Resources Sustainability (CEXX)

Courses Related with Basic Sciences and Computing:

  1. Introduction to Python and Scientific Computing (ES 302)
  2. 3D Computer Vision (EE 645)
  3. Networks and complex systems (ES 404)
  4. Probability and Random Processes (ES 331)
  5. Graph Theory and Its Applications (MA 511)
  6. Fluid Mechanics (ES 212)
  7. Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (ES 212)
  8. Transport Phenomena (CL 222)

Courses Related with Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Culture of Communication (FP 601)
  2. Various courses from Humanities and Social Sciences, which include courses from Archaeology, Sociology, History, Public Health. These courses will be available for students as Elective Course(s). Details of some of the courses are provided here

Faculty Strength

This is an interdisciplinary programme. The courses and thesis work of the students will be mostly supported by the following faculty members. However, students may work on their thesis topic with any faculty member of the institute.

Who can Apply

Students with Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in any area of Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Geomatics/Remote Sensing & GIS, or B.Tech. from Civil Engineering/Agricultural Engineering will be eligible to apply for the M.Tech. programme. Besides, the students with basic degree in Sciences or Engineering with interest in Earth System Sciences may also apply for the programme

Minimum eligibility criteria and admission procedure is provided at http://www.iitgn.ac.in/mtech.htm

Financial Support

Eligible candidates admitted to full-time M.Tech. programme will receive a monthly scholarship of Rs.12,400/-. The students in PGDIIT / M.Tech. on Part time basis will not receive any stipend/scholarship.

Travel Scholarships

Institute encourages M.Tech. students to present their research work at national and international conferences, and provides travel scholarships of upto Rs. 60000/- to such students.

Online Application form available at http://www.iitgn.ac.in/mtech.htm

Last Date for online submission of application form is 16th April 2017.

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