The Chemistry discipline enjoys access to several research facilities. These include a 500MHz Ascend FT NMR (Bruker), a Synapt G2S ESI-QToF mass spectrometer (Waters) and cyclic voltammeter (CH Instruments), a powder XRD (Bruker), a Lifespec-II TCSPC (Ediburgh), a multimode 8 atomic force microscope (Bruker), a scanning electron microscope (JEOL) a circular dichroism (CD) spectrometer (JASCO), 3 Flex-BET surface area analyzer (Micromeritics, USA), TGA-DSc and Gas Chromatography. Other research equipment such as digital polarimeter (Anton-Paar), an FT-IR spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific), digital melting point apparatus (MR-VIS), a photochemical apparatus (Luzchem), UV-Vis instruments (Shimadzu and Analytik Jena), a spectrofluorimeter (Horiba-Jobin Yvon), high pressure liquid chromtagraphy system (Agilent) are also in use for teaching and research. The wetlab is well equipped with fume hoods, rotary evaporators (Buchi, IKA), analytical balances (Shimadzu, Mettler) and regular facilities such as Schlenk lines, heating mantles, ovens, freezers, hot plates and stirrers. The discipline also has full access to Scifinder and online subscription to many journal publications. The discipline also has access to the in-house high performance computing cluster (HPCC) VEGA.