Nuclear Power Engineering 2011


Mini Symposium on Prospects of Nuclear Power in India
IIT Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, India, March 12, 2011

India has a flourishing nuclear power program and the Atomic Energy Commission envisages about 60 GW nuclear energy on line by 2035, through indigenous and foreign technology. Following recent economic and political developments in the world, and signing of nuclear deals with US, Russia, and France, it has become certain that India is likely to play a major role in global nuclear trade, both as a customer for foreign technology and as a source of engineering talent. This will create a vast sphere of business opportunities for Indian companies — in the manufacturing as well as services sectors — intending to engage in nuclear power generation and related businesses. Consequently, there is a large need for R&D, industry-academia interaction, and human resource development in the area of nuclear power engineering.

The proposed mini-symposium aims to bring together people from the industry, academics, and research laboratories, along with eminent experts from India and abroad, to discuss the prospects of nuclear power in India. It will consist of keynote lectures by the experts, and a panel discussion with active participation by the audience. This event is expected to bring to focus the opportunities and challenges in the area of nuclear power — for the industry, research laboratories, as well as the academia — and induce a thought process for exploiting the opportunities and meeting the challenges.




About NPE Series

The NPE (Nuclear Power Engineering) series started in 2007 with a motive of promoting nuclear power engineering and its concepts into the Indian industrial as well as the academic scenario.

NPE-2007 was organized by IIT Kanpur, as a week long event comprising a five-day short course on 'Nuclear Power Engineering', followed by a one-day mini-symposium on 'Civilian Nuclear Energy'. The event saw considerable success, which lead to the subsequent NPE events to be held in the following years at IIT Kanpur. As there was no rigid format of the NPE events, NPE-2008 was a one-day symposium and NPE-2010 was a one-day workshop.

The next in this series is NPE-2011, which is so far planned to be a one-day symposium. The mini-symposium is on "Prospects of Nuclear Power in India". It is being organized by the new and upcoming IIT Gandhinagar, which has previously organized a short course on a related topic in early 2010.



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